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Constructing sustainability strategies for SMEs

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, how do you ensure that your business is playing its part?

Creating a sustainability strategy can make a difference for any small business, giving you purpose, showing your customers that you care, and saving you money in the process.

DJH Sustainability Consultancy works alongside you, helping you reduce your environmental impact and benefit your community without a huge financial outlay.

We believe in developing relationships with businesses, supporting them as they grow and adapt in changing times. Talking to us is the first step in building a sustainable future for your business.

We’ll work with you to set achievable targets and monitor your progress towards a sustainable future.

Pollution problem?

It’s a sad fact that small and medium sized businesses account for 60-70% of industrial pollution in Europe.

Using practical and affordable solutions, we’ll help you reduce your manufacturing and transport emissions and waste disposal. Whether it’s by identifying recycling and reuse opportunities, or revising your delivery routes to reduce driving time, making small changes can yield positive results.

Achieve Your Goals

The United Nations has set out Sustainable Development Goals and as SMEs we have a responsibility to do our best to work towards them.

You want to do your part and help your business to construct a more sustainable future, and we want to work towards those targets in partnership with you.

We’ll help you establish monitoring metrics and targets for achievement of 23 Sustainability Break-Even Goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

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