Free Net Zero Consultancy

Kent County Council (KCC) is offering free net zero consultancy planning advice and support worth up to £1,500. The consultancy service is aimed at SME businesses located in Kent, particularly those in hospitality & leisure, food & drink, and manufacturing, or those most in need of green recovery support.

KCC is leading on the new EU-funded project called C-Care (Covid Channel Area Response Exchange). The project aims to respond to some of the socio-economic challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of this project, the Environment, Planning & Enforcement Division within KCC will run the ‘Green Recovery’ voucher scheme to provide support to Kent businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic. The scheme is a non-statutory service and enables Kent businesses to apply for a ‘voucher’ to implement a sustainable solution or project to help them with business resilience and green economic recovery.

Net Zero Transition Planning

Under Lot 5 of the scheme, DJH Sustainability is pleased to announce that it offers net-zero transition planning, enabling businesses to prepare themselves to operate in an environment that will contribute to halting climate change. Depending on the type of business, the necessary transitioning may involve changing energy supplies to renewable sources, eliminating waste in production processes, or ensuring greenhouse gases are not emitted during production or in the use of its products.

What to expect with DJH Sustainability

Commissioning DJH Sustainability with a C-Care voucher begins with a short workshop with the business owner and any other key personnel. A risk profile is completed during the session, identifying any high-risk areas of the business operation and prioritising remedial action. This process is a fantastic way to generate discussion about the level of commitment required, in finance, resources and time, to achieve net zero. The workshop findings are then summarised in a report.

Future-Fit Accredited Advisor

A second workshop, ideally within one week of the initial workshop, introduces the Future-Fit Benchmark ( and explains the data required to begin working towards it.

David Harman of DJH Sustainability is an Accredited Advisor of Future-Fit, meaning that he is accredited to introduce and advise businesses on Future-Fit thinking, documents, and tools. The Benchmark, one of Future-Fit’s tools, will be transferred to the company for regular updating and monitoring progress towards a net zero future.

During this workshop, a net zero transition road map is devised, clearly laying out the actions, the associated priorities and the timescale for achievement.

After that, we arrange a follow-up meeting, approximately one month later, to ensure the requirements of the Benchmark have been fully understood, and that data entry has commenced, indicating the transition road map is being implemented. Again, this provides an opportunity to resolve any areas where the business may have difficulty and answer any questions.

At this point, the business should have sufficient momentum to continue its progress towards net zero using all the resources shared with them and its transition roadmap.

Eight Hours of Consultancy

In addition, a further eight hours of ad-hoc consultancy is available to assist the progress of the net zero transition road map. These hours, which are available within four months of the first workshop, may be used for further coaching on using the Future-Fit Benchmark, assistance with processing or obtaining data, or as a ‘critical friend’ to soundboard proposals attain net zero within the business. Further consultancy support can be negotiated if required.

If this net zero transition planning would benefit your business, application for a voucher needs to be made via KCC, applying by email to